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Mayfair Animal Hospital

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Open 7 Days

Hales Corners Location
Extended Evening Hours

Wauwatosa Location
Open 24/7 
New Berlin Location
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The Advanced Animal Hospital Group consists of four well respected high quality veterinary hospitals in the Milwaukee Area.  Each hospital works in conjunction with the others and all veterinarians, managers, and staff stay in communication to provide the best care for your pet. 


We strive to provide our patients with the absolute best medical and preventative care that veterinary medicine has to offer.  By offering services such as laser therapy, holistic medicine, ultrasound, specialty surgery, quality vaccines, extended evening and weekend hours, and much more, The Advanced Animal Hospital Group can accommodate your pet's medical and wellness needs 7 days a week. 


We have a wide variety of veterinarians with special interests, backgrounds, and expertise that you can find throughout The Advanced Animal Hospital Group hospitals.  We believe our technical and support staff to be the most knowledgeable, friendly, and well trained professionals in the Metro Milwaukee area.  We place a high emphasis on preventative care to protect your pet from any preventable illnesses they may be susceptible to.  We are proud to offer The Advanced Wellness Packages which will offer your pet 12 months of preventative care and discounts on medical care. 


The Advanced Animal Hospital Group, has a "Passion for Pets and Compassion for People!"


Advanced Animal Hospital Group

Keep your pet healthy for less with our Wellness Plans

Regular preventative care is essential for your pet’s continued health. Our wellness plans save you money on the total cost of recommended preventative care and treatments.


Why does your pet need preventive care?


Diseases can creep up quickly and quietly

Animals age much more rapidly than we do. So even if your pet looks perfectly healthy, illness and disease could be lurking undetected.

Physical exams and diagnostic tests are crucial for finding problems not visible to the naked eye.



Prevention is the key to better health

Preventive care can improve your pet’s quality of life and help add more healthy years.

It’s essential for detecting diseases early on, before they become more serious and more expensive.



 Vaccinations help healthy pets stay healthy

 Vaccinating your pet is the simplest way to keep many contagious and devastating diseases at bay.

We will work with you to recommend a vaccination schedule that is appropriate for your pet. 



Wellness Plans with options that include:

 -  Physical exams         -  Nail trims

     -  Felv/FIV tests            -  Fecal Exams

                     -  Deworming                -  Microchip Placement

 -  Parasitology Blood Screening (Heartworm, Lyme, Ehrlichia, and Anaplasmosis)

-  Wellness Diagnostic Screening (Includes Blood Chemistry, CBC, and Thyroid Screen)

-  5% discount on Professional Services

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We Now Offer Spinal Manipulation, Laser Therapy, & Acupuncture!

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Acupuncture Spinal Manipulation
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"Passion For Pets; Compassion For People"

Advanced Animal Hospital

Monday - Friday: 8am - 7pm
Saturday & Sunday: 8am - 6pm

 Hales Corners Veterinary Clinic

Monday - Thursday: 7am - 7pm
Friday: 7am - 6pm
Saturday: 8am - 2pm
Sunday: Closed

Mayfair Animal Hospital


Open 24 hours

 Companion Animal Hospital

Monday - Friday: 8am - 7pm
Saturday: 8am - 6pm
Sunday: Closed

-Open 7 Days a Week
-4 Convenient Locations in Metro Milwaukee
-Experienced Veterinarians and Staff
-Monthly Payment Plan Packages
-Laser Therapy for Pain Reduction and Wound Healing
-Compassionate, Complete, Veterinary Care 


(Mayfair Location)
Certified Veterinary Technicians
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